Faculty of Education

Dean: Prof. Dr. Shagufta Shahzadi

The Faculty of Education, was established in 1970 at the University of Karachi, and had been governing all colleges, teaching education in the city of Karachi.  Earlier, the Dean of the Education Faculty was selected from colleges on the basis of seniority. In 2003, for the first time, Dr. Fatima Razi, Professor, Department of Education was appointed as the Dean, Education.  Since then, the University realized that the Faculty of Education should be functional and finally the Faculty got approval in 2012 by the University statuary bodies and started working. The Faculty of Education comprised of the following three Departments became the part of the Faculty:

  • Department of Education
  • Department of Special Education
  • Department of Teacher Education

Besides, Departments, Faculty of Education also governs the functioning of all affiliated colleges, in the city of Karachi, teaching “Education” in general and Teacher Education in specific.

The Faculty is very active in developing linkages with other programs both at National and International levels. The target areas are teaching, research, publication and collaborative assignments between Universities and institutions both at National and International levels.

Subject Experts /Advisors:

  • Prof. Dr. Ismail Saad
  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed
  • Prof. Dr. Rifaqat Ali Akbar
  • Prof. Dr. Nasim Qaisarani
  • Prof. Dr. Irshad Farrukh
  • Dr. Hina Kazimi


  • Prof. Dr. Shaikh Mutahir Ahmed
  • Prof. Dr. Nabeel Ahmed Zubairi
  • Pror. Dr. Haris Shoaib




Faculty of Engineering

Dean: Prof. Dr. Masarrat Jahan Yousuf



Faculty of Islamic Studies

Dean: Prof. Dr. Zahid Ali 

  • Sirah Chair



Faculty of Law

Dean: Justice (R) Hasan Feroz




Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences

Dean: Prof. Dr. Tahir Ali (Officiating)



Faculty of Medicine

Dean: Professor. Dr. Fareeda Islam

The University of Karachi has 7 medical and dental colleges affiliated with it. The only public sector college is Karachi Medical & Dental College and the Dean, Faculty of Medicine is the senior most professor of Karachi Medical & Dental College. The colleges running both MBBS & BDS programmes are Karachi Medical & Dental College, Jinnah Medical Dental College and Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry. Those running BDS programs alone are Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine and Fatima Jinnah Dental College and those having MBBS programme alone are Liaquat National Medical College and Sir Syed College of Medicine. Admissions in this college are as per PMDC regulations.

Over the past years, there have been vast changes in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes of the University in the fields of Medicine and Dentistry. The teaching methodology and the examination system of the University has changed from MCQ system to the internationally acclaimed Short Essay Questions and Best Choice Questions few years ago.  In this regard, training workshops for all faculty are held twice a year under the supervision of the Dean. The Board of Studies has constituted 2 committees, a Coordination Committee and a Quality Assurance Committee for examinations. The Semester system is being studied for possible implementation within the next year.

The Postgraduate programmes in clinical fields are the M.S. and M.D. programmes and in Basic Sciences, the MPhil, PhD. Details of these are available on the website.

The MS, MD programmes has changed from a 2 year programmes to a full 4 year, structured programme with 1 year course work at the University and 3 years clinical work in the supervisors department. For Admission, clearing the University of Karachi Entry Test is mandatory. Subsequently, candidates are chosen on the basis of merit. The  synopsis of each candidate is reviewed by the supervisor and the Dean before submission to the Board of Advanced Studies & Research, University of Karachi for final approval. Standardization of the Masters examination is ensured by having external examiners only, a change which has been implemented recently. The curriculum of each specialty is being reviewed by a M.S, M.D Curriculum Committee headed by the Dean. 


Faculty of Pharmacy

Dean: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Harris Shoaib



Faculty of Science

Dean: Prof. Dr. Masarrat Jahan Yousuf



Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dean: Prof. Dr. Shaista Tabassum

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