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Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Shabana Rizvi

Physics, from primordial era to fundamental and composite consciousness, is the oldest discipline of natural science dealing with matter and energy in their most diversified forms. Technological advances in all areas of human endeavor are based on the understanding of physical laws of nature that human kind has strived for right from the beginning. Physics has and will continue to play the fundamental role in the industrial and social development of human society. This has been a continuous motivation for humans to explore hidden mysteries in nature and find solutions to problems.
Department of Physics is one of the earliest departments of university of Karachi, established in 1952 with Professor Dr. Mujtaba Karim as founder Chairman. Since its inception, department is playing an important role in the development of Science and Technology in the country and has earned a good reputation of producing good graduates in the Physics. Department has a diverse permanent faculty of qualified teachers and researchers fully devoted in teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses to B.Sc. (Honors), M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. students. Faculty is committed for making their contributions visible both nationally and internationally through teaching, research and writing scholarly articles in theoretical and experimental Physics.