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Chairman: Prof. Dr. Taseer Ahmed Khan.


The Department of Physiology is an important segment of the Faculty of Science, University of Karachi and occupies a very prominent place in the modern age of Biosciences, Clinical/Biomedical Sciences and other Applied Biological Sciences. This department, founded by Prof. Dr. Mahmood Hussain Qazi in 1964 was the first one outside medical colleges to introduce teaching and research programs in Basic and Experimental Physiology at the graduate and postgraduate levels. This department is the only institute in the country which has produced M.Phils. and Ph.Ds. in various disciplines of Physiology over the past many years.


Career opportunities

Physiology is one of the most important and applied field in health sciences that is entitled even for Nobel Prize. It is the core of all medical research being done all over the world. For a research-oriented mind, studying Physiology is the ideal scenario. Pharmaceutical industry, health monitoring departments, biosynthetic industry, instrumentation in biomedical sciences, health related agencies, population welfare divisions, agriculture, livestock, and poultry industry, laboratory centers, bio cybernetics, occupational therapies, physiotherapy centers, nutritional/ sports centers, radiological institutions, biotechnology, bioinformatics, bioengineering, synthetic biology, health physiology centers, nursing, medical universities, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, research and teaching institutions, and a number of other places require physiologists with a variety of disciplines.


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