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Chairman: Prof. Dr. Maqsood Ali Ansari

The science of Genetics started out as a study of inheritance of traits from parents to offspring in the early 20th century. Recently the life-sciences in general have emerged as multidisciplinary subjects and genetics has now been recognized as the single most fundamental science among all of the life-sciences. Due to the exponential pace of advancement that genetics has enjoyed in the past few decades, especially after the Human Genome Project, it is now finding more and more applications in the health sciences. During the course of its development genetics has a firm foothold in improving the quality of all kinds of biological produce. Moreover, its new role as a genetic-tool has allowed many allied sciences to reach new heights especially in the industrial applications of living things collectively called biotechnologies and also cloning, and gene therapy.
The Department of Genetics was established in 1969 at the University of Karachi, offers the degrees of M.Sc., M.S. and Ph.D. in Genetics. A bachelor’s program is expected to start soon. All of these programs are conducted by a staff consisting of highly qualified faculty that includes nine PhDs.

The department takes great pride in maintaining an intellectual and cognitive atmosphere in order to promote learning and to provide to its students an experience they will remember fondly for the rest of their lives.


Teaching and Assessment

Graduate students learn in a conducive and comfortable environment with modern teaching aids in classrooms and labs as well as computer labs. Assessments are done as university policies.


Career Opportunities

Since late, Genetics is being applied in many diverse fields of science and industry. Main application of genetics include: medical diagnostics; enhancement of agricultural, livestock, and poultry products; industrial microbiology and biotechnology. There are many fields in the industry requiring manpower highly skilled in genetics in general, genetic engineering and molecular biology in particular.