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Dean & Director: Justice (R) Hasan Feroz


Education is the foundation of knowledge and knowledge is light which shuns the darkness of ignorance. Legal education is also a vital part of that phenomenon as through this type of education also a civilized and organized society comes into existence. Legal education is still very popular and bound to become so with job opportunities of law persons increasing consequent upon economic liberalization and globalization of legal services. However the present organization of legal education is not able to cater to the needs and demands which are changing from time to time. With this end in view the University of Karachi has established its School of Law with the following aims and objectives.

  • To train law students in the real dynamics of what will be the real relevant decisional structure to become adept influencing their outcome and in assisting other people in changing goals and developing strategies to achieve these goals in diverse contexts.
  • To give quality education in law.
  • To provide sound knowledge and training in the legal theory and practice to fulfill the requirements for the legal profession and administrative jobs.
  • To   equip   the   law   students   with  specialized   legal   studies   relating  to commercial, business and public affairs so that a product of such education would be able to contribute towards national development and social change in a much more constructive manner.