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Chairman: Dr. Muhammad Sohail Shafiq (Assoc. Prof.)

The Department of Islamic History may be regarded as one of the oldest departments of Karachi University. It was established in 1953 with a view to provide facilities for advanced studies and original research in the field of Islamic History and culture. Although in the opening phase it had a very limited number of students and very few teachers, yet it attracted the intelligentsia and subject lovers soon. So much so that it became one of the largest department of the Faculty of Arts in the following years. It still ranks the same. At present there are more than four hundred students on roll in this department.


Career Opportunities

Islamic History has possess a very strong bond with the social sciences, political sciences, international relations and sociology, not only the describe above, but in professional field that include teaching and media, it also possess a very bright future, especially, right now as the World’s geo-political, social and cultural scenario are changing, Islamic History attains a vital and leadership importance.