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Chairperson: Dr. Naila Usman Siddiqui (Assoc. Prof.)

The department of Sociology was established in 1960. Later, to meet the academic demands of society, programs in Criminology and Population Sciences were initiated under the umbrella of department of Sociology. Graduates from the department have adopted a wide range of careers. Most have excelled in their profession and have joined public and private institutions. The study in the department is well organized. The teaching faculty includes experienced Professors, including those with degrees from foreign universities. Research work is a hallmark of the department. Seminars and workshops are important characteristics of the department which are organized frequently.


Teaching Methods and Assessment

Teaching methods involves assimilation of lectures and group discussion, class presentations, individual and group projects, case studies, workshops extended lecture and field research with the use of audio visual assistant. Students’ assessment involves evaluation, oral presentation, individual and group projects, written assignments’, test results and performance in semester final examination and one of the assessment methods of this program is the compulsory attendance of students in the departmental library.