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Chairperson: Dr. Shahina Naz. (Assoc. Prof.)

The Department was established in 1994 and to cater to the need of the fast growing food industries in the country and also to meet the ever growing demand for food scientists & technologists in government, research and educational establishments. Prof. Dr. Rashda Ali was the founder of the Department and she was the first Chairperson of Food science and Technology from 1994 to 1998. The department over the years has developed research in collaboration with universities in Germany, Britain and USA. It constantly arranges workshops and seminars on Food Science. The department enjoys a very good rapport with both National and Multinational food industries in Pakistan.


Career Opportunities

The Degree holders may work as Food Technologist, Food Engineer, Food Chemist, Food Analyst, Production Manager, Quality Control Manager, Quality Assurance Officer, Product Application Officer, Food Inspector and Food Researcher in the areas of food Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries, ministries of Health, Education, food & agriculture and Science & Technology, academic and research organizations etc.