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Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Abdul Waheed

The Department of Economics is one of the largest department in the Faculty of Arts. It was established in 1950-51 with the enactment of the University of Karachi Act, at the old campus in the city which was later shifted to its present location in 1960. Professor Newman Joseph Adams, an American national, was appointed the first Chairman, and served the department for a short period. Due to its academic stance the department of Economics has the distinction of being recognized as a premier department in the country.

It is because of these standards that the department was accorded with the honor of establishing a center of national capability in Economics by the name of “Applied Economics Research Center” through a grant by the Sindh Government.


Teaching and Assessment

The teaching method at the department is a blend of theory and practice, as lectures, case studies, oral presentations, written reports and field visits are all given due importance. The concepts taught by faculty members are supplemented with their practical implications through eminent guest speakers from other financial institutions. To ensure that the students are assimilating the knowledge being imparted to them, frequent test ranging from 10 minute unannounced quizzes to three hours examinations and from oral presentations to written reports are conducted throughout the semester.


Career Opportunities

Students of the department enter a variety of fields, such as banking, C.S.S., research, teaching, business etc.