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Chairman: Prof. Dr. Tanveer Abbas.

Microbiology is a broad discipline which has both basic and applied aspects. Therefore, microbiologists must have good understanding about microbial taxonomy, genetics, immunology and physiology in order to identify these agents, utilize their metabolic potential on commercial levels and to manipulate these organisms for the betterment of humanity.

The Department of Microbiology at the University of  Karachi was established in 1957 with only 22 students and one full-time teacher (late Prof. Dr. A. A. Anwar) and a part time teacher cum student (Late Prof. Dr. Pirzada Misbahuddin Ahmed Siddiqui). Since this was the first and only Department of Microbiology for many years, in this country, offering a degree, Prof. Dr. Anwer could be truly regarded as the Father of Microbiology in Pakistan.

Because of the importance of the subject and its applicability, this department is now regarded as one of the best departments within the faculty of Science. As a result this department has become popular and a large number of students opt to study Microbiology as their major. Furthermore, this department caters the needs of more than 500 students who opt to study Microbiology as one of their minors each year.

Besides offering B.S. / Honors and Masters degrees, this department has a reputation of its M.S. / Ph.D. and Ph.D. programs. At present, more than 150 scholars are enrolled in MS and Ph.D programs.