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Chairperson: Dr. Saboohi Raza (Assoc. Prof.)

Department of Agriculture was initiated as BS Program in Agriculture in 2004. It acquired the status of the Department in 2006 and renamed as Department of Agriculture and Agribusiness Management in 2008. The department offers specialized courses in "Agribusiness Management" and "Plant Protection".

Agribusiness Management is a multi-disciplinary program that provides opportunities to a wide range of careers in the Agricultural and other land-based industries. It combines the study of agricultural sciences with the management skills providing an understanding of economic and business principles and their application to Agribusiness. This program is aimed to develop a range of personal and transferable skills, and critical appreciation of the techniques to assist effective execution of the agribusiness management function.

Pests and diseases produce huge pre- and post-harvest losses in crop yield that contributes a great deal to the ever increasing food crises. Implementation of efficient and precise pest and disease management strategies can be helpful in increasing the crop yield and ultimately to boost the economy of the country. Courses offered for specialization in Plant Protection enables the students acquire in-depth knowledge of pest and diseases affecting crop, vegetable, fruit and ornamental plants in the country as well as the management strategies to overcome the problem.

Teaching and Assessment

During the first two years, courses related to different fields of agriculture are taught to develop good background knowledge of the subject. From the third year, students can choose either Plant Protection or Agribusiness Management as their field of specialization. Assessment is done as per semester rules that include midterm, Make-up and terminal examinations, and a lab examination or assignment. In the final semester, internship in either a research or agribusiness related organization is mandatory.

Career Opportunities

Specialization in Agribusiness Management would be helpful in getting jobs in agro-based national and multinational organizations as managers, consultants, supply chain coordinators, farm managers and accountants. It also provides an opportunity to enter into self-employment immediately upon graduating, largely within the farming or food sectors.

Students specializing in Plant Protection have job opportunities in various research and service organizations like Plant Protection, PARC, PCSIR, NIAB, NIA, ARI, Seed testing and production organizations etc., as well as in plant and pesticide related national and multinational organizations. They can also serve as farm managers