1. The students of Morning Program/ Evening Program /ICUBS Weekend Program shall pay their Spring 2024 fees w.e.f 6th May, 2024. along with outstanding dues of previous semester(s), if any, as under::

Spring 2024 Semester
Previous Semesters
Re-Admission Fee

Latest by 31st May 2024
Latest by 31st May 2024
More than One Semester

(without late fees)
(with 20% late fee)

Late Fee:-
With effect from 01st June 2024, late payment charges @20% on current semester.
@50% per Annum (Compounded basis) on previous semester outstanting dues.


2. Marks Proforma shall be issued for every semester after clearance from Student Fee Tracking Cell (SFTC).

3. Fee voucher can be generated from by using either Kuick Pay (UBL) or Alfa Pay (Al-Falah) options and may be paid using any of the following payment methods:

    • UBL Branches: The student or his/her agent can visit any branch with their Kuick Pay generated fee voucher.
    • Other Bank Branches: Habib Metropolitan Bank, Meezan Bank. Askari Bank by using Kuick Pay fee voucher.
    • Other Digital Modes: Internet Banking, ATMs, Fintech Apps having Kuick Pay support.
    • Al-Falah Branches: The student or his/her agent can visit any branch with their bank Al-Falah generated fee voucher.
    • AI-Falah Alfa App: Students can pay Semester Fee by downloading Alfa App.
4. For any query/help, please contact via Query from ( Email ( by writing the Name. Seat No., Department. Degree Program, Semester(s), CNIC No., Cell Phone No., Email Address and the Query.





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