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Chairperson: Dr. Rizwana Muneer (In charge)


The Department of Education aims to develop high quality and skilled manpower in the field of education. The department serves as a resource center for all government & non government organizations at both national & international level. The management and faculty put great emphasis on providing guide lines for teaching techniques, innovative approaches & student counseling. Highlighting new trends and key issues through co curricular activities are the prominent feature of department performance.

Presently the department is offering B.S (Honors), MA and M.S., Ph.D. in Education. Students in Education of BS program should opt for Economics, Psychology, Sociology, International Relation, Islamic Learning, English, Social Work, Political Science, Mass communication or Languages as minor subjects. The total no. of seats in the Department of Education is 106 and Student enrollment is 190 which are approximately double of the actual seats.
The Department of Education has a seminar library containing latest books on almost all the disciplines of Education. Moreover, the library also contains extensive resource material for research at all levels of higher education.  The department also offers hands on training on the latest equipment used in presenting research findings to the large audience.

The importance of Co-curricular activities cannot be denied. The Department of Education conduct orientation day for welcoming new students. Moreover, students-week, welcome and farewell parties, students-teacher union luncheons, cake-day on 13th August, Teachers’ day on 5th October and a picnic as per the provided schedule of Students Advisory Council. 

Department of Education was established in 1984. The main goal of the department is to prepare human capital in the field of Education as teachers, educators, educational leaders and researchers. Innovative methods of teaching and learning, emerging techniques of research and material development in the field of Education have made this department parallel with that of the International standards.
Education as a subject always remains important in the Faculty of Arts and every year about 100 students were admitted in Masters Classes whereas about 1000 students were selected as a subsidiary subject at Masters level and always 8 to 10 sections were formed. At the beginning the department of education started masters course of duration of two years consisting of 8 courses including research as a compulsory subject, moreover for developing research skills and aptitude among students research thesis, research report was also compulsory for every student in M.A.(Final) to enable student to compete new challenges of market in the field of education.

BS in Education 4 year program and M.S. / Ph.D. (regular program) were also started in this department in the year of 2007 and 2009 respectively and both programmes being successfully along with a BS (Minor) in which a large number of students enrolled where as a reasonable number of students are not able to get admission in minor classes every year due to shortage of physical facilities as well as human resources. 13 students are enrolled in M.Phil. / Ph.D. Program in this department. Ph.D. degree in education has been awarded to many students under the umbrella of this department, which is one of the great achievements of this department indicate assuring the effective and efficiency of this department.
Along with regular morning programs, this department also running 2 years M.A. (Education) program in evening session for those students who are unable to attend regular morning classes due to their employment in morning.

Teaching and assessment:

Varieties of teaching methods are used in the department for rendering different courses effectively. Faculty members arrange both inside and outside classroom activities in order to broaden the learning experiences of the students. Lectures, seminars, classroom quizzes and field-works are planned and conducted during the semesters. The department believes on both, the summative and formative assessment. Moreover, students are also asked to arrange and attend different seminars for their professional growth.

 Career opportunities:

Education is an important discipline in Social Sciences and Humanities. Therefore, graduated students of Education have ample opportunities in the competitive job market. Research Industry, Media, Career Counseling, Schools, Teacher Training institutes, Human Resource Development centres, Professional institutes, UNICEF and UNESCO and NGO based organizations and school are the possible fields for the graduates of Education.