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Mr. Kashif Sadiq (In charge)


In the mid 1990’s Karachi University envisaged the need of the job oriented studies and established Petroleum Technology Department. Its syllabi were compiled by the joint efforts of the Oil & Gas industry and the academia. The vision was to bring forward a generation taught and developed by the Professors of the University and the scholars of the Petroleum Industry. These students are capable to take over needs of the industry.

Petroleum Technology program is successfully running in the Faculty of Engineering/Science along with Petroleum Industry scholars who are participating in the guidance towards the state of the art direction and teaching. The M.Sc. program covers the subjects of Exploration, Drilling, Well Completion, Production, Reservoir, Natural Gas Engineering, Refining, Economics, Environment & Safety, Logistics and Industrial Management. The program is such designed to include all aspect of Oil & Gas Industry so that student could adjust to different aspects/places in the industry.


Teaching and Assessment

It is a two-year (4-semester) program of 20 courses of 3 credit hours each. The program includes theory classes six days a week as well as practical, seminars and a six-week internship.

An intensive study of chemistry and geology of petroleum, drilling, well logging, reservoir, environmental issues are required by the students. This program is mainly for fresh science and production, refining, pipeline, corrosion and engineering graduates who plan to enter petroleum industry or have recently joined.


Career Opportunities

Petroleum Technology program of University of Karachi was initiated in 1996 following the policy of introducing job-oriented technology programs at the University. The program aims to meet the future requirements of technical and professional personnel in view of growing participation of national and multinational companies and a prospect of enhanced petroleum exploration and refining activities in Pakistan.

Pakistan has an expanding oil industry with accelerated exploration activities, refineries, petrochemical industries, and oil and gas distribution network. There is a job market at home, in the Middle East and in other parts of the world.