There has been continuous up gradation of laboratories in the department. In addition to general purpose laboratories where students perform experiments on circuits based on Analog and Digital electronics, separate laboratories are established for training. These include Computer Laboratory which is equipped with latest branded computers, connected through LAN. Communication Laboratory has trainers to train students on Microwave and optical fiber communication systems. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)is equipped with PLCs from Siemens and Ge-Fanuc. Students use Software and Hardware simulators to develop and verify programs. Cargo lift, Conveyor belt and process models have been developed indigenously that are controlled by the PLC. Embedded systems laboratory is facilitated with software and hardware tools such as VHDL, Electronic Design automation to develop embedded systems. Computer Controlled (CNC) PCB prototyping machine, Logic Analyzer, FPGA and DSP kits are available for development of applications. Semiconductor Research Lab has instruments such as thin film coating unit, CV analyzer, Spectrometer, Lock-In-Amplifiers etc. for research in the field of semiconductor.