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Confucius Institute at University of Karachi

Confucius Institute at University of Karachi (CIUK) is a non-profit institution sponsored by the Chinese International Education Foundation. On 22nd May, 2013, the signing ceremony was held in the President House, Islamabad for the establishment of CIUK between Sichuan Normal University and University of Karachi.

The Mission of CIUK is to facilitate the teaching of the Chinese language to people who want to learn Chinese and looking for carrier opportunities in Chinese companies in Pakistan and other parts of the world.

TheVision of CIUK is to be the leading Chinese language center and pursue excellence in education and people-to-people contact.

The Objective of CIUK is to provide the best Chinese courses and cultural activities and to help students increase their opportunities for further education and career development.

Since its inception in 2013, CIUK has developed from a small institute into the largest Chinese language center in Pakistan in terms of the number of teachers, students, and teaching sites. More than 30 Chinese language teachers (local and native) provide courses including HSK1-6, BCT1-4, YCT1-2, and calligraphy, tea culture, dance, Chinese martial arts, Chinese culture lectures, Taiji, and paper-cutting.


Career Opportunities
Excellent job opportunities are available for students of this major in such fields as teaching, educational administration, research, translation and interpretation, media and international trade. Faculty Members