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Dr. Qamar ul Arafeen (In-Charge, Honorary)


For the first time in Pakistan University of Karachi is offering the Digital Forensic education at the undergraduate / graduate / post graduate/ MS & Ph.D. level. Centre for Digital Forensic Science & Technology will keep functioning for the betterment law enforcement agencies, specially judiciary for its quick justice for public interest and economic viability for public at large.

CDFST will play an integral role in the criminal justice system. This Centre will support law enforcement agencies (Police, Rangers, NAB, FIA, CPLC and etc.) in meeting the expectations of Government and community. The Centre will strive connecting the crime scene and judicial system through the development and delivery of impartial expert scientific opinion evidence. This Centre will educate resolving complex criminal cases and will be a bridge in providing easy access to criminal justice system with its advanced curriculum. This Advanced Digital Evidence Educational System will be a value added to the conventional evidence system of Pakistan. This Centre will impart digital forensic education to the new generation of students who have the aptitude and desirous of joining this exciting and newly emerging subject in Pakistan.

This Centre is committed to provide qualitative digital forensic education with state of the art facilities and will play its crucial role in economic strengthening of Pakistan. This Centre will create new job opportunities and provide a clear career path towards specialization to the students undertaking such programs. Inter-alia qualified manpower will be available to the public and private sector in various fields as applications of digital forensic science are not limited to criminal law, and can include civil law, product liability, medical integrity, highway safety, environmental protection, consumer protection and national security.

Presently, many universities are providing courses/programs ranging from BSc. (Hons), Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D in various subjects like Bio-chemistry, Bio-informatics, Physics and chemistry etc related to forensic science in one context or another. Availability of digital forensic studies program at a suitable level can provide a clear platform for dedicated digital forensic science studies for a career start. Similarly, the police forces and law enforcement agencies will have a growing demand in future for inducting digital forensic analysts/experts to make their investigations more effective, objective and scientific in nature rather than to rely on the existing obsolete methodology and technology.

This Centre will range all laws e.g. Prevention of Electronic Crime Evidence Ordinance 2007, Investigation for Fair Trial Act, 2012, Law in process on Cyber Crime and will adopt any future legislation as well.