Director: Dr. Syeda Hoor-Ul-Ain


To make research a top precedence among faculty members of University of Karachi, Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) is established that aims to promote and enhance research activities and helping them to commercialize and industrialize. ORIC provides a complete platform to the researchers and augment's their research skills from working bench to a furnished product. ORIC also provides services related to research and development, innovation, industrialization, commercialization, collaborations, seminars, workshops, submission and approval of research projects.



Dr. Syeda Hoor Ul Ain
Director ORIC - KUBIC


Dr. Asma Tabassum
Manager Research Operations & Development


Ghulam Mustafa Khan
Jr. Accountant


Dr. Tasneem Saher
Administrative Officer


Anam Fatima Shah
Research Associate


Emmad Uddin
Administrative Assistant


Syed Ismail Khalid
Research Associate


Shahrukh Akram
Research Associate


Ms. Jaweria Khan