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Center of Excellence for Marine Biology
The Center of Excellence in Marine Biology was established as Department of Marine Biology in 1969. In 1973, it was given the status of Institute of Marine Biology. Later in 1975 the Federal Government elevated its status as Center of Excellence in Marine Biology under the Center of Excellence Act of 1974.

Centre for Molecular Genetics
The Centre for Molecular Genetics (C.M.G) is an institute for basic and applied research in Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering at the University of Karachi.

HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry
A nucleus of the Institute was established under the Directorship of late Prof. Salimuzzaman Siddiqui, H.l., F.R.S. in 1967 on one of the floors of the Department of Chemistry. Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman joined the Institute initially in 1969. He was then elected as a Don at Kings College, Cambridge University, and after completing a 4-year stay in Cambridge University as Fellow of the Kings College, he rejoined the institute permanently in 1973 and was appointed Co-Director in 1977.

Institute of Clinical Psychology
Institute of Clinical Psychology is a reputable institute and has a distinguished status in the field of clinical psychology and research since it has been established. The Institute’s high quality training, research and congenial environment ensures its position as the institute of choice for Pakistan’s high-caliber postmasters students.

Institute of Environmental Studies
The subject of environment is multidisciplinary in nature. The solution of environmental and related problems therefore requires the efforts of social scientists, health care personals. engineers. microbiologists. chemists.

Institute of Marine Science

The Institute was established in 1981 Funds were provided for equipment, furniture etc. by B.C.C.I. Foundation. Initially classes for M.Sc. were started. Since 1984 one year Degree Programme of M.A.S. was conducted. But after 1989 only M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes are offered.

Institute of Sustainable Halophytes
The Objectives of this Laboratory are to identify cash crop halophytes and to gather baseline data on the eco physiological responses of potential halophytic crops to salinity at different stages of the life history.

Marine Reference & Research Collection Center
The Marine Reference Collection & Resource Centre was established in 1967 as Invertebrate Reference Museum (IRM) in Karachi University to meet the growing need of a better knowledge regarding the marine fauna of the northern Arabian Sea.

National Center for Proteomics
The mission of the National Center for Proteomics, University of Karachi, is to provide service and support for proteomics research in the areas of basic science and disease related research.

National Nematological Research Centre

For the past 35 years, NNRC has been associated with the scientific research and solely known as the research-oriented institute.

Umaer Basha Institute of Computer Science
The Umaer Basha Institute of Information Technology (UBIT) was established at the campus of the University of Karachi and housed in a new building complex under the directorship of Prof. Dr. S. M. Aqil Burney. The main objectives of the UBIT were to impart quality education and conduct research in computer science and information technology. Through structured degree programs, intensive training courses for professionals, academians and researchers by organizing workshops and training courses. The main elements of the program are focused on resource in the field of IT.

Center for Plant Conservation
Maintain a substantial and diverse ex-situ collection of rare and threatened plants, including cultivars. Establish a Centre for plants Conservation with specialization in the floristic studies and conservation of flora of Pakistan. Develop a Germ plasm/seeds bank of indigenous as well as cultivars. Conserve and restore the rare native and endemic plants of Pakistan via ex-situ conservation and re-habitation of fast depleting biodiversity. Facilitate human resource development in the field of plant Conservation
Centre for Plant Conservation will be the hub of Academic and research activities. It will provide opportunities for collaborative research with related departments/Institutes on one hand and on the other it will also enhance the knowledge of plant conservation and sustainable utilization of plant biodiversity of rare and endemic plants of Pakistan.