• Teaching Laboratories

Four teaching laboratories from B.Sc. (Honors) 1st year to M.Sc. (Final) are available. B.Sc. (Honors), M.Sc. (Final) and M.Sc. (Previous) students are required to perform laboratory experiments as compulsory part of their course structure. The laboratories comprise of experiments related to theory courses and give students practical understanding of theory courses.


  • Seminar Library

Department has a large collection of books (more than 4000), research journals, research reports, monograms, dissertations and magazines in a spacious Seminar Library. A peaceful reading environment is provided to students, research scholars and teachers.


  • Audio-Visual Room

A large sized room with multimedia and sound system available is reserved for seminar presentations.


  • Computer Laboratory

A large number of latest computers with latest software are available. Students can use these computers as part of their course work, computational research work for performing calculations, mathematical modeling and graphical simulation and writing research reports and thesis.