Mission Statement

To develop an optimum standard of clinical practice, research and professional training in clinical psychology and broadening its scope by grafting its application in other related disciplines.



The Institute of Clinical Psychology is already being recognized as one of the premier institutions in Pakistan, where Professional training and services of international standard in the field of clinical psychology are offered. The Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To expand the growth and strengthen the status of Clinical Psychology as a profession in Pakistan and to impart specialized training in this field.
  • To promote research suited to our own social cultural milieu in psychotherapy, psychological assessment, diagnostic testing, speech therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation and other related areas.
  • To bridge the highly disproportionate gap between "demand" (needs of psychologically treatable patients) and "supply" (availability of qualified clinical psychologists).
  • To help patients who are mentally disturbed or have behavior problems to function at higher levels, live fuller and richer lives and be able to give more of themselves to their society.
  • To stop the draining out of talent; it is expected that students aspiring to be clinical psychologists will avail these training facilities provided within the country in an environment which teaches them to do clinical practice in a culturally appropriate way.


Message from the Vice Chancellor

Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi is contributing a great deal towards advancement of postmaster professional education in clinical psychology in Pakistan. The Institute has developed a system of gradual, consistent and effective improvement of training at postmasters level and is continuously striving to improve its academic standards, training and evaluation system to achieve the international status. The faculty of the Institute consists of distinguished professionals from different fields.

Institute facilitates research in multiple disciplines and has been successful in conducting researches of international standards. In order to expand the horizon of learning, it has also been establishing academic affiliations with leading institutions of the region and developed world. The institute regularly organizes a series of workshops and short courses for the continued professional growth of mental health professionals. Experienced mental health educationists from within country and abroad are invited to conduct these courses and training programmes.

ICP is proud to provide the bulk of clinical psychologists and teachers in the country who are performing with a spirit to bring out the best in prevention and treatment of psychological disorder and clinical research.

I pray to almighty Allah and seek His blessings to give us courage in achieving yet higher standards and goals.



Founder's Message

I am immensely pleased that the Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi is continuously striving and improving the standards of education as well as professional training in the field of Clinical Psychology. With the advent of new scientific knowledge of science and technology and growing awareness among the general public, it is obvious that we, in the Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi should also develop the same latest advancement in the course of studies being taught in the Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi so that students with advance studies/training should tackle challenges of Clinical Psychology in their respective Institutions/organizations where they utilize their education/training as a profession. We are more than confident with our faculty, clinicians as well as other professional staff that in future they will too work hard with the same zeal and motivation they are doing right now for a better scenario in the Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi in future. With the advent of new scientific knowledge, it has become imperative that we keep the course and syllabi embressed with changes in the science and training of Clinical Psychology.


Director's Message

The field of Clinical Psychology is a broad branch of psychology that focuses on diagnosing and treating mental, emotional, and behavioral problems in general. The aim of Institute of Clinical Psychology, university of Karachi is to provide professional education and training in clinical psychology and to produce competent clinical psychologists in the country. Considering the global scenario, people are facing different challenges in the sphere of mental health, and with the increased awareness regarding mental health problems; people are concerned regarding the quality of treatment. Institute of Clinical Psychology since its establishment has been working in different domains such as academic, clinical and research and always tries to meet International Standards. In the recent years ICP has attained the status of the pioneer Institute of University of Karachi in the field of Clinical Psychology, which had produced approximately, one hundred, M.Phil (s) and Ph.D (s) in the field of Clinical Psychology. Our Alumni are working in variety of discipline in multiple organizations and Universities of Pakistan. They are also being hired in different hospitals which have psychiatric setups as well as in other departments where clinical psychologists provide their services. The scope has also been extended to different schools including special schools, as school counselors and rehabilitation psychologists. Institute of Clinical Psychology has a competent faculty and supporting staff equipped with knowledge and professional skills. Most of our faculty members have been trained in specialized fields from abroad. They have expertise along with passion and enthusiasm to work for human being's to bring positive change in the society. Students are also encouraged to grow ethically and professionally, and for this purpose individualized supervised programs are being offered in clinical and research domain. They are also being provided with professional training courses and workshops by National as well as International trainers. I welcome you all to join Institute of Clinical Psychology, to learn and become the part of our mission.