Programs offered

  • B.A. (Honours)  3-Year
  • M.A. (Previous)
  • M.A. (Final) English Literature.
  • M.A. (Final) English Linguistics
  • M. Phil and Ph. D. Programmes are also offered and a number of people are working for their higher degrees in the Department of English.

Eligibility & Allocated Seats

BS & Honors* - 50 Seats  

  • ‘A’ Level (with English Literature)
  • ‘A’ Level (with English General [A,B or C grade])
  • Intermediate (after ‘O’ Level)
  • Intermediate (with at least 50% marks in Elective English)
  • Intermediate (with at least 50% marks in Advance English)
  • Intermediate (with at least 60% marks in English Compulsory)

Masters* - 40 Seats

  • Graduation (with at least 45% marks in Elective English)
  • Graduation (with at least 55% marks in Compulsory English)

* Admissions will be given according to the above order of priority.

M.A. (Final) English Literature: M.A. (2nd Div.) in English Linguistics
M.A. (Final) English Linguistics: M.A. (2nd division) in English Literature