The seminar library has a stock of about 10,000 books and research journals on various fields of chemistry. The Department of Chemistry is equipped with many modern instruments for training of students for challenging careers and research. These include, pH/Ion meters, conductometers, polarimeters, refractometers, potentio-meters, electrochemical analyzers, HPLC, atomic absorption spectrometers, UV-Visible spectrophotometers, FTIR Spectrometers, Guoy Balance for magnetic susceptibility measurements, flame photometers, computers, deionizers, analytical balances, ovens, furnaces, centrifuges as well as a substantial stock of glassware and chemicals. A modern instrument laboratory has been furnished to house the new atomic absorption spectrometer, HPLC, GC, GC-MS nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer as well as some other modern instruments. The department of chemistry has internet facility in almost every room/lab class rooms.