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Industrial Linkage: Industrial Projects




S.No. Title of Final Year Design Project (FYDP) Organization
1 Design of cooling water system for (PET) polyester Manufacturing industry Novatex Ltd.
2 Design gas driers on platformer gas with free water for an early startup of isomerization unit Pak Refinery Ltd.
3 Soda water grade CO2 production from flare gasses at optimum CAPEX and OPEX, considering modern techniques Pak Refinery Ltd.
4 Application of selective amine solvents or other modern solvents (i.e ionic liquids for energy efficient CO2 and hydrogen sulphide removal from natural gas) Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.
5 Design Condensate splitter on local condensate to increase Motor Gasoline Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.
6 De-asphalting of lube oil by propane process. SUPARCO