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Dr. S. M. Aqil Burney, (Meritorious Professor)
Director, UBIT (Convener)
Mr. Nadeem Mehmood, Computer Science (Member)
Dr. Zaheeruddin, Physics (Member)
Mr. Zain Abbas, Main Communication Network (Member)
Mr. Nadeem Ahmed, Main Communication Network (Member)
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Spread over 1200 acre of land, the University of Karachi was established through the parliament as a Federal University in 1951. However, through another act of the parliament in 1962 its status was redefined as university of the province of Sindh. On 23rd October, 1950 the Karachi University Act was passed and after an amendment in 1951 it was enacted and Prof A.B.A Haleem was appointed as its first Vice Chancellor. Read More