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Programs Available

  • Post graduate research supervision / trainings
  • Co-supervision of M. Phil./Ph.D. students

Specific Research Areas

The Centre supports marine biodiversity research through comprehensive taxonomic data on marine fauna & flora and thus offers research and training facilities in the region with a mission emphasizing on conservation and education.

  • Survey, monitoring and assessment of coastal habitats and its biodiversity.
  • Collection of fauna and flora from shores, offshore waters and harbors.
  • Sorting of collections, curating, preservation and storing.
  • Identification, documentation, registration and cataloguing.
  • Maintenance of live collection in wet/aquaculture lab, rearing of larvae etc.
  • Publication of conclusions in the form of reports, monographs, illustrated keys, as well as presentation of papers at the national, international seminars/workshops, etc.
  • Exchange of material as loan or donation.
  • Research supervision/guidance for full/partial fulfillment of M.Sc., M. Phil./Ph.D. degrees.
  • Training of manager/scientists from government and non-government organizations.
  • Planning and undertaking research projects.