Botanic Garden


However due to loss of habitat, human disturbance and deforestation, many plants species are facing the threat of extinction. It is estimated that the habitat destruction from Propagation and cultivation of endangered species. Provide a major link between In situ and Ex situ Conservation. Involved in natural planning process such as biodiversity strategies. Introduction of new crops for agriculture and discovery of plants for medicinal use.

Botanic Garden is an institution which holds well documented plant species in living form for the purposes of conservation, research, display and education. Due to the topographical variation different species of plants including wild, medicinally important and flowering species present in Pakistan. Due to urbanization, deforestation, over grazing and habitat loss many plant species are in danger and seems to be extinct, Botanic Garden is looking forward to conserve the plants of Pakistan especially those which are threatened or those which are nearly to be extinct from Pakistan.