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To-date the Centre has published 29 books, 3 Indices and 11 Profiles. The Centre regularly publishes the bi-annual Journal of European Studies since 1985.


  1. Compiled by Shamim Zia & Moonis Ahmar, Index to Periodical Literature 1984-86, 1987.
  2. Compiled by Shamim Zia, Europe: An Index to Periodical Literature 1970-84, 1985.
  3. Compiled by Aziz Ahmad & Tasneem Sultana, An Index of Articles in Aussen Politik   1985-1998.



  1. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), ‘Humanitarian’, Preemptive, Punitive and Political Intervention and State Sovereignty: Varying Political, Moral and Legal Standpoints, (2010).
  2. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), EU as Emerging International Power: Its Middle East Policy, (2009).
  3. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), Religions and   Cultures   in   Various Regions   of   the World: Integration, A Compromise between Assimilation and Assertion?, (2008)
  4. Naveed Ahmad Tahir & Moazzam Ali Khan (Editors), Global Environmental Conflicts; Change and Adaptation, (2008).
  5. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), Globalization: Economic, Social and  Political Dimensions; Focus on South Asia, (2007)
  6. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), Dialogue   versus Confrontation: Different Perspectives on Freedom of Expression and Respect for Religious Sensibilities, (2007).
  7. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), Different Facets of the Islamic Ummah in a Globalised World, (2006).
  8. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), The Role   of Europe in Conflict Resolution, Conflict Management, Peace-Building and Peace-Keeping from the Balkans to South East Asia, (2006).
  9. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), Immigration to Europe from South Asia and the Muslim World, (2005).
  10. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), The European Union’s Expansion: Impact on EU Institutions, Member States, The Region and the Developing World, (2005).
  11. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), US-European Relations in the Contemporary International Setting:   Implications for the Developing World, (2004).
  12. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), Relations Between the European Union and the Muslim World in the Contemporary Geopolitical and Economic Scenario (2003).
  13. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), European Union-Asia Relations in the 21st Century: Problems, Prospects and Strategies, (2001).
  14. Mahnaz Fatima, Imperatives of Globalization: Implications for Pakistan, (2001).
  15. Colin Paul Mitchell, Sir Thomas Roe and the Mughal Empire, (2000).
  16. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), Pakistan and Post-Ideological Europe: Prospects for Cooperation in the 21st Century, (2000).
  17. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), Security in Europe and South Asia: Challenges and Options for the Twenty-First Century, (2000).
  18. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), EURO: The Single European Currency: Its Implications for Europe and the World, (1999).
  19. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), Problems of Good Governance in South Asian Countries: Learning from European Political Models, (1999).
  20. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), Challenges to Pakistan on the Threshold of the 21st Century, (1998).
  21. Rubab Hasan, A Comprehensive Chronology of Revolutionary Events in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union 1989-1991, (1998).
  22. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), The Politics and Economics of the Market Economy in Post-Cold War Europe: Lessons for South Asia, (1998).
  23. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), The Politics of Ethnicity and Nationalism in Europe and South Asia, (1997).
  24. Affan Seljuq, European Fine Arts and the Muslim World, (1996).
  25. Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Editor), Post-Cold War European Order and South Asia, (1996).
  26. Yusuf Abbas Hashmi, Western Ethical Norms and Qur’anic Responses, (1994).
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  30. Dr. A.A. Kadeer (Editor) & Naveed Ahmad Tahir (Associate Editor), Europe and the Third World, (1985).


Profile Series

  1. Tasneem Sultana, An Overview of 100 years of Norway as an Independent State (1905-2005), (2006)
  2. Naveed Ahmad Tahir, The Vicissitudes of the Palestinian Quest for Statehood and the European Union, (2005).
  3. Naveed Ahmad Tahir, Indo-Russian Relations Since the Collapse of the Soviet Union, (1999).
  4. Naveed Ahmad Tahir, The Expansion of the European Union: Problems & Prospects, (1995).
  5. Dr. Affan Seljuq, Muslim Rule in Spain, (1991).
  6. M. Shamsuddin, European Press; Tradition and Transition, (1990).
  7. Naveed Ahmad Tahir, Sweden in Con-temporary World Politics, (1990).
  8. Naveed Ahmad Tahir, Austria in World Affairs, (1989).
  9. Rubab Hasan, Turkey and the Super-powers, (1989).
  10. Moonis Ahmar, Pakistan-Italian Relations, (1989).
  11. Naveed Ahmad Tahir, Finland: A Study in Neutrality, (1987).


Jean Monnet Project Papers

    1. Naveed Ahmad Tahir, The Post-September 11 International Scenario and the European Union (2004).
    2. Naveed Ahmad Tahir, A Survey of EU–Pakistan Relations in the Contemporary Regional and International Setting: Political, Security, Economic and Development Aspects (2003).
    3. Naveed Ahmad Tahir, Integrationist and Cooperative Patterns in Europe and Asia (2002).