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M.S/Ph.D Programme in European Studies

Registration and Qualification

A candidate for registration in the M.S/Ph.D Course Work Programme must have at least a Masters degree (minimum IInd class) preferably with a demonstrated ability to undertake high level research. Candidates are required to clear a written test and an interview. The minimum duration for presenting a Ph.D. level dissertation is three years and for an M.S dissertation two years.

Students are initially enrolled on a provisional basis for a two-semester course work in European Studies. After completing course work they submit their thesis plans for approval by Karachi University’s Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR). The students are then enrolled as full fledged M.S/Ph.D students. On the recommendation of the supervisor a thesis can be converted from M.S into Ph.D after considerable work has been done on it.


M.S Course Work Titles

Ist Semester

  1. Basic Course in Economics
  2. European History (Part-I)
  3. Theory and Practice of European Integration
  4. European Union Law

IInd Semester

  1. Political Geography of Europe
  2. European History (Part-II)
  3. Research Methodology
  4. The European Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)
  5. Communication Skills


Ph.D Course Work Titles

  1. Economics of European Integration
  2. The European Union’s External Relations

Tuition Fees

Admission Fee             Rs. 6600/-
Ist Semester                 Rs. 7975/-
IInd Semester              Rs. 7975/-


Certificate Courses in European Languages

The Centre offers courses in French, German, Italian and English languages at the certificate level, and diploma in French Language. These are elementary courses spread over two semesters.

Tuition Fees

Admission Fee             Rs. 500/-        
Ist Semester                 Rs. 3000/-
IInd Semester              Rs. 3000/-
(per semester)              Rs. 500/-

For Outsiders

Admission Fee             Rs. 1000/-
Ist Semester                 Rs. 5350/-
IInd Semester              Rs. 5350/-

(per semester)              Rs. 500/-