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Administration, Financing and Staff

The Centre has its own administrative set up and the management, overall control and supervision of the affairs of the Centre vest in the Board of Governors, headed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Karachi. All academic and research programmes of the Centre are approved by its Board of Governors. The Centre’s academic programme is linked with that of the University of Karachi, which awards the M.S/Ph.D degrees, certificates, diplomas, etc. The Federal Government finances the Centre, on the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and the Higher Education Commission.

The Centre is headed by a Director who supervises the administrative, academic and research activities at the Centre. The ASCE has a devoted and well-trained Research/Academic staff with expertise and experience in the field. There is also a small support staff.

Publication Wing

The Centre has its own publication wing, fully equipped with computers and other facilities and is manned by expert compositors. The Centre’s publications are composed and proof-read at the Centre.


The Centre has a modest but well-equipped specialized library for research scholars and students. It has material on European history, politics, foreign policy, diplomacy, economy, culture, philosophy, law and legal institutions and contemporary developments in Europe. Lately the Centre has also begun acquiring books on European literature and Fine Arts. The material is in the form of books, documents, journals, magazines, newspapers and research boxes.

The   Centre’s   library   facilities   have   been enhanced under the European Union-sponsored European Studies Programme. It has now acquired books on European Union-related subjects. The Library is used by university students, scholars and faculty members.

Press Clippings and Filing

The Centre maintains an up-to-date press clippings service. The Centre has so far prepared 80 volumes of press clippings on contemporary European themes from national dailies (Daily Times, Dawn, The News, etc.)