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Special Sessions

Special Session on “Theoretical Computing and Applications”

Dr. Asif Raza Khan is an Assistant Professor and HEC Approved PhD Supervisor at Department of Mathematics, University of Karachi. His field of research is Mathematical Inequalities and Applications, Convex Analysis, Time Scale and Numerical Integration. He is author of about 40 research articles which are published/accepted in internationally recognized and reputed journals. He is also author of one monograph titled “General Linear Inequalities and Positivity: Higher Order Convexity”. He supervised 2 PhD and 20 MPhil students and also a member and reviewer of American Mathematical Society.

Aim and Scope:

Theoretical Computing comes under the umbrella of Information Science and Communication Technology. The topics covered in theoretical computing directly or indirectly linked with Mathematics. We motivate and invite researchers to present their latest research work, but not limited to, following fields and disciplines:

  1. Data Science
  2. Operations Research
  3. Numerical/Error Analysis
  4. Space Science and Environmental Computing
  5. Time Series Analysis
  6. Digital Topology
  7. Cryptography
  8. Computer Algebra
  9. Computational Number Theory
  10. Convex Analysis
  11. Image processing etc.