Programs in Statistics

  • Honors
  • Masters
  • B.S. Actuarial Sciences and Risk Management
  • M.Sc. Applied Statistics
  • M.S. / Ph.D.
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Statistics


Eligibility & Allocated Seats

BS & Honors:   H.S.C. Science/ Arts (with Mathematics) or equivalent - 65 seats
BS Actuarial Sciences & Risk Management: H.S.C. Science/Arts (with Mathematics) or equivalent with at least 50% marks -  60 seats
BS Third Year in Statistics:  B.A./B.Sc. (Pass) (with Mathematics)  - 50 seats
PGD in Statistics  - 10 seats
PGD in Statistics: Graduation*

*Graduates who have passed B.A./B.Sc. with Statistics optional are not eligible


Learning Outcomes

The Statistics Department offers a degree program leading to the B.S. degree in Statistics in the College of Science and Mathematics.
The Statistics Department graduate will:

  • Have good working knowledge of the most commonly used statistical methods, including
    • statistical modeling and the omnipresent role of variability
    • efficient design of studies and construction of effective sampling plans
    • exploratory data analysis
    • formal inference process
  • Have background in probability, statistical theory, and mathematics, including especially calculus, linear algebra and symbolic and abstract thinking
  • Be able to synthesize and apply knowledge of common inferential methods, understanding the limitations of the procedures and the appropriate scope of conclusions
  • Communicate effectively (written and oral) with skills in collaboration (within and between disciplines) and teamwork, and in organizing and managing projects
  • Have good mastery of several standard statistical software packages and facility with data management strategies
  • Have a focused concentration in an area of application outside the discipline of statistics


The Statistics Department graduate will have received:

  • Experience with real data and authentic applications
  • Frequent opportunities to develop communication skills
  • Capstone experiences for students
  • Frequent interaction with faculty and their peers and timely advising
  • Exposure to statisticians and statistical applications outside the KU community.


The service objectives are to contribute to the on-going and long-term activities of the Department, University, and the statistical community. They include the following:

  • To improve the research and educational environment of the department and the University by facilitating recruitment of faculty and students, serving on committees, and participating in long-term planning activities.
  • To contribute to the statistics profession and to the larger scientific community by serving on editorial boards, review panels, and administrative and advisory committees.
  • To promote statistical reasoning and the use of statistical principles at the University of Karachi and in society at large.