Dr. MudassirUddin (Profile) (H.E.C Approved Supervisor)
Dr. Syed Afrozuddin  Ahmed

Associate Professors

Mr. Muhammad Aslam  (Profile)
Dr. Ehtesham Hussain (Profile)

Assistant Professors

Mr. Muhammad Akram
Ms. Rafia Shafi      
Dr. Farah Yasmeen (Profile)
Dr. Arfa Maqsood (Profile)
Dr. Bushra Shamshad (Profile)
Dr. Suboohi Safdar (Profile)
Ms. Samreen Fatima
Ms. Rahat Bibi


Ms. Saba Naz
Ms. Zara Omer
Mr. Tayyab Raza Fraz
Ms. Tanzeela Yaqoob

Adjunct Professors

Dr. Junaid Saghir Siddiqui
Mr. Asim Jamal Siddiqui

Part-time Faculty

Dr. Ejaz Ahmed  





Dr. Ehtesahm Hussain teaches in the department of Statistics at University of Karachi, where he holds a position of Associate Professor. He received his PhD in statistics from University of Karachi. Where his research work is based on Stress-Strength Models with reference to Lindlay Distribution. He has a vast experience of teaching various courses; Mathematical Statistics, Statistical Inference, Computer programming ,Numerical Analysis , Operations Research , Application of Linear Programming and Simulation Techniques to graduate and post-graduate classes.
Since(1993) several students have completed their technical research reports on Applied and Theoretical Statistics under his supervision and guidance.  
His general research interests focus on ; Data Analysis, Application of Mathematical Statistics , Business research modeling and Applications of Linear Programming.
He has presented several papers in different topics of statistics at international, national seminars and conferences.