Departmental Library Facilities

It is a fact that libraries play a significant role in the personal and intellectual development of students in every academic institution. The Department of Sociology gives much importance to academic excellence. The Seminar Library provides the students with over 3000 books, journals, magazines and other national and international periodicals. Besides, the University has central library, which is the largest University Library in Pakistan. The student also can avail all the facilities provided by the central library of the University.


Computer Lab

The Department of Sociology / Criminology & Population Sciences has a well-equipped computer laboratory, which provides assistance in almost all aspects of the use of information processing facilities. The students are given ample opportunities to develop and improve upon their skills in the computer laboratory. The department has an Internet facility from the University.


Ethnological Museum

Ethnological Museum plays a pivotal role in the study of art & culture. On the basis of unique nature of artifacts and the variety of its collection it portrays knowledge about different races, their culture and way of living. Being one of the educational research centers, this museum is not merely a collection of artifacts, but also opens new vistas for scholars and researchers to conduct research on different aspect of society.