Core Courses 
MPA (Previous)

Semester 1
PA          501          Fundamentals of Public Administration
PA          502          Economic Analyses (Micro & Macro)
PA          503          Muslim Administration / Behavioral Sciences
PA          504          Statistics for Management
PA          505          Office Management & Communication

Semester 2
PA          506          Organizational Behavior Theory & Practice
PA          507          Financial Accounting
PA          508          Computer Application to Management
PA          509          Human Resource Management
PA          510          Public Policy Analyses

MPA (Final)

Semester 3
PA          601          Research Methods and Report Writing
PA          602          Development Economics
PA          603          Comparative Administrative Systems
+ With two courses of specialization (One Field) (for Single Major)
+ With four courses of specialization (Two Fields) (for hi-Major)

Semester 4
PA          604          Contemporary Issues of Public Administration
PA          605          Local Government Administration
PA          606          Public Finance
+ With two courses of specialization (for Single Major)
+ With four courses of specialization (for hi-Major)
Research Report
Research Project / Internship
Viva Voce