For Undergraduate studies

In the department of pharmaceutics here we have four laboratories dedicated for the undergraduate students to conduct the practical aspects of the discipline. The laboratories are reinforced by skilled support staff who are technically qualified for carrying out the on and practice. Following aspects are covered by laboratories:

Pharmaceutical Technology
Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Pharmaceuticals compounding and preparations
Physical Pharmacy 

For Postgraduate studies

There is a separate laboratory allocated for post graduate studies where in the master and doctoral level researches are conducted. The laboratories are sufficiently equipment with research recommended equipments to carry out research in Formulation development, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, physical pharmacy etc.

Computer Laboratory

As per the needs and requirements of current educational scenario, the under graduate and graduate students are acquainted with sufficient knowledge of computer sciences, hence there is a provision of a computer laboratory equipped with new and updated computer systems where the under graduate and graduate students practices and enhances their computer skills.

Technically aided Teaching

To cope with the advancements in the teaching skills there are availability of Multimedia projectors, overhead projectors and a special seminar room is separately dedicated in the research institute.  

Seminar Library

In the faculty of pharmacy we are having a capacious and equipped library staffed with qualified personnel to cater with the need of a educational resources and material. The seminar library is subscribed with many international scientific journals and magazines. Most of the references books are made available for this purpose.