Today library is said to be the 'heart of law school' and one of the most important element in training law students and in providing faculty members with materials for research and study. School of Law has one of the finest Seminar Library containing Law Reports, Text Books and Law Journals.

The Computer Lab is equipped with high speed computers, printers and scanner facilities. Audio/Visual aids including multimedia option are used during presentation/ lecturers.


Clinical Legal Education

At present the traditional system of legal education which concentrates much on reading of books, class room lectures and little on moot courts and court visits etc does not meet the requirement of the modern education. Therefore for the development of scientific temperament of the students empirical approach is being followed in the Faculty by giving due importance to clinical legal education.


Career Opportunities

The demand for lawyers with expertise will continue to grow with the passage of time. The legal field is constantly redefining itself by adding new areas to the practice. For every job in law, analytical ability, research, writing skills, and the knowledge of the basic differences in the world's legal systems as well as their political and cultural contexts is essential.

The available career paths for a lawyer can be broken down into law firms, federal government, corporate counsel, international organizations and non-profit groups.


Note: The terms and conditions imposed by the Pakistan Bar Council as amended from time to time shall be binding on all students.