Diploma / Degree Programs Available

  • Honors (Evening & Morning)
  • MA (Evening & Morning)
  • MEF (Evening only)
  • PGDEF  (Evening only)
  • MTM  (Evening only)
  • MS/Ph.D.

Eligibility & Allocated Seats

BS & Honors*:    
‘A’ level/ H.S.C. (with Economics) / H.S.C. Science (with Physics, Mathematics or Statistics)                         


B.A., B.Com, B.Sc. (with Economics)-100 seats
B.Sc. (with Mathematics, Physics or Statistics)-75 seats
*In case of vacant seats, allocation of seats for Arts or Science can be interchanged on the basis of merit

MEF:       Graduation-175 seats
PGDEF:  Graduation-75 seats
MTM:     Graduation-75 seats