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The first official Alumni body of University of Karachi aims to help you stay in touch with your University, college and other UoK alumni, no matter wherever you are in the world.

The University of Karachi Alumni (UKA) - with graduates from all academic programmes at UoK and its affiliated colleges including Bachelors, Masters, MS/M.Phil and PhD form an integral part of the University. This ever-growing body represents a rich resource base for the University with its huge reservoir of diverse talents and expertise spanning over areas like Social and Biological Sciences, Management and Administrative Sciences, Pharmacy, Islamic Studies, Law, Medicine, Engineering and Education. The bond that our students form with their alma mater will strengthen even further once they become alumni.

Through this alumni body, the University will ensure that good communication link is established amongst the alumni as well as between the alumni and the University. To achieve this it has established an office in the Public Relations Office, where administrative facilities are provided to its alumni for the completion of their membership. Not only this, the office will be responsible to build a cohesive network of UoK Alumni. It will ensure unhindered communication throughout the year that includes timely announcement of University events as well. The office aims to organize different alumni based activities that will help connecting the alumni around the globe.

These measures will keep our alumni informed about the whereabouts and achievements of fellow alumni, as well as important developments at the University. To provide a more efficient communication link, a website will soon be developed to provide up to date information regarding alumni events. Also, the latest developments at the University will be announced through this website. An electronic version of the University Magazine will also be available on the website.

  • List of Alumni members :: PDF (updated March 24, 2014)



University starts the registration of its Alumni

University of Karachi has launched its first official Alumni body the University of Karachi Alumni. The process of alumni registration has started. Forms are available here. For further queries email can be sent at  


Launching ceremony of "University of Karachi Alumni"

Vice Chancellor presented Lifetime Alumni Membership Card by the Registrar


The University of Karachi launched its first official alumni body on 11th March, 2013 to give support to the revenue-starved institution. Aiming to unite former students at the platform of their alma mater, the University of Karachi Alumni will make efforts to utilize the resources of the alumni for the prosperity of its existing students, said the vice-chancellor Prof. Dr Muhammad Qaiser during a ceremony organized at the university’s arts auditorium. He vowed to hold a grand alumni convention of former students in the coming months.

“All across the world, old students significantly contribute to the development of their universities but we have come alive only now,” noted a university syndicate member, Sardar Yasin Malik. Malik recalled that the first time he was persuaded to organize the alumni to lend support to the university was by former vice-chancellor Prof. Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui when the HEC slashed recurring budgets of the public universities. Dr Qasim, who was also present at the ceremony, accepted in his speech that the university officials never paid attention towards the important practice of keeping the record and contacts of its graduating students until 2010 when the idea of forming the university’s official alumni association was conceived. “The fees acquired through the students hardly makes up for four percent of the university’s budget, which even if doubled would still fail to provide sustainability.” Being an alumnus of the university, former social welfare minister Khanum Gohar Aijaz said that it was almost unthinkable that the university could give anything more to its alumni as it had already given them what they would never be able to payback. “After receiving the best education at KU almost for free, we have become billionaires and still expect the KU to give us more,” said Aijaz. “It is time for payback.”

The event drew few hundred former students, now recognized as professionals, including scientists, educators, businessmen, politicians, journalists and experts in their fields. Among them was an economics graduate from the foremost batch, Prof. Syed Sabir Jaffery, who identified himself as a “graduate of archaeological value” and saw some hope of revitalizing the past connections with this initiative. Former managing director of Pakistan State Oil, Kalim Ahmed Siddiqui also spoke at the ceremony.

On this occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Muhammad Qaiser announced the establishment of UoK Endowment fund and made a personal contribution of Rs 300,000. Prof. Dr. Aqil Burney and Khanum Gohar Aijaz made contributions of Rs 100,000 each while Prof. Dr. Ahmed Qadri, Dr. Pirzada Qasim and Kalim Ahmed Siddiqui offered Rs 50,000 for the endowment fund.